RS9 Light alloy wheel


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Lorinser RS9 – athletic down to the last strut

With its muscular five main spokes, which are flanked by elegant companion bars, the Lorinser RS9 looks perfectly balanced. The deep hub area with the noticeable notches perfectly rounds off the distinctive character of the light alloy wheel. As a further stylistic feature of the RS9, large triangular spaces provide discreet insights into the brake technology of the respective vehicle and give the design a certain lightness and elegance. The timeless wheel, which is one of the rim icons in the Lorinser range, is available in both silver and matt black.

Eigenschaften "RS9 Light alloy wheel"

Verfügbare Größen

8,0 x 18" Offset 52

9,0 x 18" Offset 52

8,5 x 19" Offset 44

9,5 x 19" Offset 44

9,0 x 20" Offset 44

10,0 x 20" Offset 44

10,5 x 20" Offset 44

 9,0 x 21" Offset 44

10,0 x 21" Offset 44

10,5 x 21" Offset 44

10,0 x 22" Offset 65 / 5 x 112 / 5 x 130

Included with purchase

The color-matching hub cap is included in the price.

To install the wheel on your vehicle, you either need a suitable centering ring or an adapter. Please select the item that goes with your wheel under "Accessories". Please contact us if you do not know which adapter is suitable for your vehicle. We will be pleased to help.

The Lorinser adapter system

Fits like a glove - with our Lorinser adapter system we get the most out of your vehicle.

In order to be able to variably change the required offset, we have developed a special adapter system. Therefore you need either a centering ring or a Lorinser adapter with built-in centering ring for mounting your rim precisely on your wheel hub. You can use a centering ring to leave the offset of the basic rim unchanged (e.g. offset 45) or, with an adapter of 7mm, change the offset of a basic rim with e.g. offset 45 to offset 38. 


Enormous forces are acting on light alloy wheels in road traffic. Safety is our top priority! The quality of the products is constantly monitored from production to delivery.

All of our light alloy wheels are tested and approved for their strength by the TÜV. The sellability of the rim for your vehicle is also checked in detail. We would be glad to inform you whether this light alloy wheel can be installed on your vehicle.

TÜV SÜD approved

All Lorinser wheel / tire combinations and the use of the necessary centering ring / adapter sets are only valid in conjunction with the respective TÜV certificate. After converting to Lorinser light alloy wheels and chassis, the standard wheels can still be used. We therefore advise you to order new vehicles with winter tires! For permissible tire sizes, see TÜV certificate!