Product number: B66954748
Shipping class: 4

AMG pocket umbrella (B66958964)


The AMG pocket umbrella in black and white offers reliable protection on rainy days. It is made of light aluminum, steel and polyester and is supplemented by a handy handle with a PU coating. When open, the small pocket umbrella has a diameter of approx. 90 cm, while in the closed format it can be stowed in many handbags with a length of approx. 20 cm. The cover of the pocket umbrella is made of white polyester, while the outside has a black coated design, in which the white hem is discreetly visible when turned over. There is a raised AMG logo embossing on the silicone fastening strap, and a glossy black AMG logo print is visible on the matching EVA case with zip.
- Color: black and white
- Material: aluminum / steel / polyester 
- Diameter open: approx. 90 cm 
- Length closed: approx. 20 cm 
- hand opener
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