Product number: B66958959
Shipping class: 4

Stick umbrella transparent (B66958959)


Bad weather? There is not any! The stick umbrella with aluminum stick and transparent cover made of polyethylene can be opened automatically using a black release button, so that protection from moisture is provided at the push of a button. A plastic round hook handle in iconic design with inserted silver-colored 3D star badge not only sets an optical accent, but also ensures that the umbrella lies comfortably and securely in the hand. Even stronger winds cannot affect the stick umbrella so quickly. Because as a "windproof" version, it impresses with its resistance and stability.
- Color: transparent / black
- Material: aluminum / polyethylene 
- Diameter open: approx. 105 cm 
- Length closed: approx. 86 cm 
- "Windproof" design
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